Depuis 1981

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2017 M.N.A Divergency Stone Eyes
  Tchämi Sole One Man Band
Nathalie Froehlich
Slimy Slugs
2016 Dark Whispers Slow Fixes Energize Wetabend
Flyinf Walrus Peace is just a break Way of changes
2015 Blue Stain Airquake Rosemary
  Critical Theory Unholy Pagoda Kurtains
2014 Sekoja Fixit Hello My Name is
  Evenmore Belly Noise  
2013 Black Lemons Stealy Meltdown
  The Maybees Palmers South Gate
2012 Jackpot Vultures Cosmic
  The Stairz The Septiz Barbie Sailers
2011 Atelier C Art    
  The Matts Antipods Neon Rouge
  Jack’s Back Sam Franck Blunier The Jamborines
2010 Key’s Tone Cyphery No Sun in San Francisco
  Bikini Top Alienor March
2009 Royal Flush The Tanners Xtract Sophoriphy
  Dragitrips Little Joe Ass of Spades
2008 Connection Magister Dixit Velvet Shade
  Redlit Sky An Com Kle3n
2007 Ajar Treeger Minkus
  GraveStones Purple Extasy Hayfever
2006 Sinless P.M.T Colveen
  MXD WTC Kif-Kif
2005 FMR Vertigo Downless
  Jalan Lapsus Huge Puppies
2004 Azgard Nabokoff Lithobia
  Grand Bastard Deluxe Tryptik Cauliflowers
2003 Diskord Brakass Safety Catch
  Trade Grimind Redback
2002 Desiderata Varedero Dalagan
  Watykan Fishbrain Nata
2001 Dusty Honey for Petzi With You
  Overalls Dash Favez
  Sam Frank    
2000 Sly Titus de Zoo The Crowns
  Mama G Keen Kerbs Trade
  In Between    
1999 Les Tournesots Pidemadea Grimind
  Pao Sweet Meat Beaters The Other Voices
  Dégueulis Fermenté    
1998 Ever (ex James Station) Thanks Sean Myphen
  Toboggan La Sphaigne Subsonic Family
  Left for Dead    
1997 H.II.SO.IV Twisted Ness
  P.M.T. Pink Hellephant Batty Birds
1996 Urbah Missing Link Brother of Creation
  Free Cheese for All Honey for Petzi Champignon!
  Péril dans la Place    
1995 Jailbird Mind Gap Parazit
  Honey for Petzi Rise Up Ma’Dalton’s
1994 Mille Dix D.P. Scumbag
  Averses de Soleil Petits Boss Skyscraper
  DJ King Trouble Inside Marilyn Diancandor
1993 The Gang Living Sons Favez Disciples
  Bad Little Duck Viva la Muerte Mind Gap
1992 Release Imish Rose Quartier Latin
  Nuclear Mutants    
1991 Dreamunalia 5 minutes Pleasures Mad Whispers
  Free Cheese For All    
1990 Régional Hard Rock Overload Keen Act Brainstorm
1990 The Gang Karl Specht Sam Frank
  Quartier Interdit Avenue Foch Taboo
1989 Akor Perdu Lawman Obsessive Faith
1988 Trash Sanday Drivers Dorian Gray
  Van Gogh    
1987 Abri 45 Hands Up Norma Jean Baker
  Big Party    
1986 Un Certain Spleen Coeur New Listening Process
  Patrick Lambert Sauf-Conduit Transit
1985 Breeze Alexis Washington Still Willing
  Irratics 44 Accéléré Cosa Nostra
  Cadavre Exquis    
1984 Bootlegs The Sign Quartier Interdit
  Arrow Head Miss Takes Sex Diktatür
1983 S.M.O.G. Gad CQFD
  Yes-Men Vouzenou Cocktail
  Cornet Plastic Voyeur Snob’s
1982 Coke en Stock Ambre Maladie Honteuse
  IXTL Tenter-Hook Brise-Glace
  S Père & Fix Flash Cartoon  
1981 Jannis Empire Prysm
  Rock Farmers Band Sam / Long Silence Erebas